Secure, ATF approved, and always available. CDS log books and electronic 4473s are integrated with your inventory and sales.

Running a business in today's shooting sports industry has real challenges above and beyond other retail operations. CDS compliance tools let you seamlessly manage both your inventory and your A&D books.

Our web servers are fully compliant with PCI standards, which means that your customers can safely pay you online via credit card without fear of hacking or theft.

Our database servers are secure from a multitude of possible attacks, so your data will remain safe and available as long as it is with CDS.

For firearms dealers, we have the FFLoffice system — Fully electronic Logbooks and e-4473s with inventory and movement reporting that help you keep track of everything you need for ATF regulations.

Auto-complete product data means your item info is accurate and up-to-date. And, your logs are always being recorded on our secure cloud, as well as your local computer, in case you need to search your Logbooks during an internet outage.

e4473 Hardware available through CDS

The Scriptel ScripTouch Compact LCD Signature Pad meets compliance requirements for recording customer signatures on electronic 4473 forms and works with CDS Compliance software.

Compliance is an integrated part of all CDS products, so you can always rest assured that you're in capable hands, no matter what aspect of CDS you're using.

Our full featured, integrated tools can help you manage your business faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever.