Firearms Range controls built in to your Point of Sale, Website, and Reporting.

If you're a shooting sports retailer, there's a good chance you also run a subscription-based shooting range. Connected Data Solutions can help with that, too.

CDS provides one central management dashboard for you where you can keep up with all your sales, inventory, and more, including your range memberships.

Create UPCs for range time that can be rung up on your register. Add specific products that customers can rent while at your range. Make different membership levels for your customers that can include range discounts and membership fees.

You can create UPC codes for each lane or price of your range so when a customer shows up at your store, you can easily sell them range time by scanning it into your CDS point of sale.

Customers can manage their accounts and subscriptions online and sign up for recurring payments, all without you having to lift a finger — it will be automatically updated in your system.

Your range members can also set up range appointments online, and you'll be able to see it in your calendar immediately.

All range functions are integrated with other CDS products, so you can keep up with your customers and their subscriptions from anywhere in the store.

Our full featured, integrated tools can help you manage your business faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever.