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Stop wasting time.
Organize your firearms inventory, A&D bound books, and 4473s into one secure online office.

Running a business in today's shooting sports industry has real challenges above and beyond other retail operations. The complexity of managing both inventory and A&D books costs time and money. And when there is a discrepancy between what's on your shelves and what's in your books, things can become extremely stressful.

FFL Office was designed to eliminate that stress and save retailers both time and money. Our electronic log books are fully ATF compliant. Inventory and compliance work seemlessly together. And our electronic 4473 process fully integrates with the FBI's LEEP site for instant background checks.

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Save Time with Electronic 4473s

  • Customers complete 4473 forms in your store at a computer kiosk you provide
  • You submit completed 4473s elecrtonically, direct to LEEP, with no copy and paste. Get a reply within seconds to quickly complete the form and make the sale!
  • Save, print, and export completed 4473s and logbook data anytime, anywhere

Auto-Complete Product Data for Simplified Compliance

  • Use our extensive distributor product database to auto-populate firearm Manufacturer, Model, type, and Caliber when receiving firearms
  • Just enter or scan the UPC to automatically add product data and price information!
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Movement & Inventory Reports Help Increase Sales

  • For the first time ever in the firearms industry, you can generate weekly, monthly, or yearly firearms movement reports and inventory levels
  • Gather Retail Price, Quantities, and optional Cost Averaging, all from your logbooks!

Audit Mode Saves You Time and Hassle

  • Turn on Audit Mode when searching on-hand firearms inventory
  • Scan your floor inventory and record an audit date for each on-hand serial number
  • Audit all of your logbooks at once, or filter by a specific logbook
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If you try FFL Office and want even more retail solutions, it's simple to upgrade to the full CDS Flight Deck package of products.

Our full featured, integrated tools can help you manage your business faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever.