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Free never looked so good. Logbooks, 4473s and more — helping you stay compliant without all the stress.

Saving you time.

FFL Office is a complete set of log books compliance tools, designed to make your job easier.

  • Electronic logbooks securely store your records in an easily searchable format.
  • Quickly receive multiple firearms into your books. Just scan the item UPC and all product info is automatically filled out.
  • Dispose firearms by searching completed 4473s or serial numbers.
  • Fill out 4473 forms electronically, submit them electronically, and receive a response in seconds.
  • Use audit mode to quickly and easily audit your on-hand inventory.
  • Get reports on the movement and profit of your items by department.
ffl office save time
ffl office save money

Saving you money.

FFL Office is not only free, it saves you money and hassle.

  • No hidden fees, contracts or add-ons. What you see is what you get, and what you get is a lot!
  • Apply to go completely paperless and save even more on printing costs.
  • Cloud-based means you automatically get all new updates to the system included.
  • There's no fee to get started. Just sign up and you're ready to start!
  • Plus, if you ever decide you need more, you can easily upgrade your logbooks to include the rest of the Flight Deck tools.

What's Included

Electronic Logbooks

Secure, electronic log books give you a set of complete, searchable records.

Receive Firearms

Quickly receive firearms into your bound books and keep track of all your serial numbers.

Dispose Firearms

Dispose items easily based on 4473s or serial numbers.

Electronic 4473s

Not only can you fill out 4473 forms electronically, you can submit them electronically too!

Audit Mode

The easiest way to audit your on-hand items — just scan the serial number in.

Movement Reports

Get reporting on item movement and profit to help you manage your firearms sales.

Distributor Orders

Submit orders directly to Sports South and RSR and set reorder points and auto order points to help you automatically maintain your in-store inventory when you run low.

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